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Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to School

I am so jealous of the back-to-school kids. New outfits and new haircuts not to mention new pencils and notebooks and protractors and compasses (or whatever hi-tech devices aid in dissecting and navigating the world these days).

Bottom line? This is the time of year where you get a brand new chance to reinvent yourself. A summer to grow into an active, organized, cheerful, popular person right? That was always my hope.

This year, my son is off to study in Thailand and I am settling down to revise a play, make a musical and commit to a novel. So I am thinking about should be on our supply list, besides vaccinations and Visas and cash.

Here is my list, so far.

1. Patience.
Man, it's hard to keep it together when you are trying to get organized to spend money and/or time in another country. When I got ready to call the guy at the Thai Consulate, my son said it best: "Don't be mean, mom."

2. Breath.
Always goes along with patience so well. I am working on adding commas to my day. Rather than running through each minute so fast that one thing blurs to the next. I am working on stopping, pausing, breathing, considering. I figure the future will be now fast enough. Hello, now! Fascinating.

3. Gratitude
Seriously, how cool? My son in Thailand and me in Cincy working on plays and novels that actually stand a chance of living and breathing in the world. Not to mention Pilates and dance as my water and bread. Not to mention family and friends.

Okay. So blogging ain't so bad.

Thanks for reading/listening.

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