A beautiful image of the power of surrender, by Ron Hamad

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where In The Heck Have I Been?

You know, it is hard in life (and in blog) to know if your voice is missed when you fall silent.

So if you have missed me, here is my excuse.

I have been over-expressing myself in long form (novel, play, True Body productions) and short form (Facebook Status Updates, ad nauseum). So when it came time to write something captivating for this blog, I felt like "what more can anyone possibly want to hear from me?"

But then I remembered that there are countless important things to communicate about our movement community. Things like awesome dance workshops and upcoming Pilates workshops and True Body and Teacher Training at Pendleton and so much more. So I'm back. I promise to at least update this blog weekly with e-MOTIONal tidbits and ideas and the occassional rant.

Thanks for reading. Now get moving.

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