A beautiful image of the power of surrender, by Ron Hamad

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think someone has planted an idea in my head!!

I just saw the movie INCEPTION and totally dig the idea of how powerful an idea can be, once planted. I know these ideas. Sometimes they say, "Make me a story." Sometimes they say, "Make me a play. No, wait, a MUSICAL! I want to be a musical!" And sometimes, like today, they are saying "Change your life. Do it. You are turning 50 next year. What the hell?"

I also know that right now, the cosmos is in a turmoil and is making most everyone on the planet feel this way. In layman's terms, I understand this summer is one giant astrological cluster f*&^k. Most everyone I meet is feeling a bit, or a lot, like just ditching their lives for something more ... um ... well ... different. That's the crazy thing about this idea. It is insisting on change and it doesn't even know what sort it is looking for.

So today, since I am feeling completely crazy and unsure about what voice to listen to, I am instead returning to the things I know that will help me sort it all out, the things that will help me ease into a knowing. That means I need to eat, sleep, breathe, read, move, dance, pray, love. I need to take baby steps. I need to examine my feelings of fear and frustration. And I need to ease up on myself.

And how about you? How are you holding up this crazy summer?

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