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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dance and be well.

I was watching "Dancing with the Stars" last night (crying like the dork that I am when they do well) and loved it when one of the celeb dancers said that dance should become our National Health Care Plan. 

I have spent the last year and a half falling madly in love with dance at Rhythm and Motion (visit Heather Britt (and Susan and Alena and Rachel) have provided me a home for movement and wellness that has allowed me to take my Pilates-strong body and move it joyously, each week learning a new song and practicing 9 others.

In fact, when I had the bad luck to get fast-onset double vision last year, the doctor was a little under-concerned about how much this might effect my day-to-day life. 

So I grabbed his arm dramatically and said, "But Doctor, I'm a dancer!"

And I am. When I move on the Reformer or in a yoga class or in a dance studio, I am a dancer. And when I put a few words together on a page, I am a writer. And when I reach out to someone in need, I am a friend. And when I vote, I am a citizen.

We are what we do. And if you just do it - you are it.

So be a dancer today. Or a friend. Or a writer. 
Or register to vote and be a citizen.

Whatever you do - do it.

And be well.

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