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Friday, September 5, 2008

Thailand or Bust

My son, Nick Sharp, is on his way to Thailand right this very second. He is spending three months at a university in Bangkok studying. 

I imagine that about now, with his long legs crammed into a seat on the very long journey from LA to Taipei, he might be thinking, "This is a terrible idea." 

I felt the same way on my way to Bali. I felt the same way on my way to spend a month in Paris. I most often feel the same way on my way to any new thing, no matter how near it is. New can be terrifying.  

But isn't it the best??? When you get out of our comfort zone to learn and experience and connect? I can assure you that Bali and Paris were not bad ideas. Nope. Not one bit.

And I know that Thailand will be the same for my son, Nick. Before he knows it, whether he is sitting in a classroom or riding on an elephant or standing on a beach or trying to navigate the crazy city of Bangkok, he will know he has arrived into the best part of life: making the unknown known.

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