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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My List

I am particularly aware of gratitude at this time of the year. Eleven years ago on Thanksgiving Day I said the words that would change my life. "I need to stop drinking."

And since then, I am aware every single day that I do not do any of this alone.

If I am asked to be helpful to someone new in my 12-Step Program, I always recommend that they start a gratitude list and add to it every day.

Here is mine today.

I am grateful for ...

1. My sobriety.
2. My mom.
3. My dad and stepmom.
4. My son Nick Sharp (who I pray is staying safe in Bangkok).
5. All the teachers and clients at Pendleton.
6. Kristine and Rachel. And Shannon.
7. Kristine and Kay and my all the other cool girls who spend time with me in all the right places.
8. The True Body Project girls, women and now men - we are going to have a wonderful year.
9. Heather and Susan and Alena and Julie and everyone at Rhythm and Motion.
10. My friends - the ones here.
11. My friends - the ones afar.
12. My friends - the ones who are not in my life but still in my heart.
13. Lessons. Every day.
14. Sam and the Road Theatre.
15. Brooklyn Museum and the TBP women in NY.
16. Fringe Team 2009!
17. Lolita San Miguel - for the inspiration.
18. Barack Obama - for the hope.
19. Brenda and Jeanne and everyone else who helped me heal this year.
20. My faith. Whew. Never more than ever.
21. The health of my loved ones.
22. Especially Kristin.
23. My health.
24. My bathtub.
25. My books.
26. The novel in my head and the musical in my head.
27. Coffee.
28. Time.

Happy Thanksgiving!! May your own gratitude list grow and grow this year.

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